Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Faith, Hope, Civil Rights and Cancer

Today our nation celebrates its first African American President. As I watched the Civil Rights activists (white and black) from the 1960's being interviewed on TV I was struck by their faith they held on to that this day would come; that a son of a white American women and a black Kenyan man can be president of our country. It is with hope I think my sons will grow up in a color blind society, where a person's actions count louder than skin color; where we are judged for our own words and our own actions and not where our parents came from nor the color of their skin. It is a similar faith that the 1960's civil rights activists held that I as a parent who has watched my child battle cancer, who has watched other parents lose their young children to cancer, have that one day we will understand what causes these horrible cancers and be able to not just treat cancer, but prevent it.

As I research my family, the family heritage my children; as I learn the stories of those from who we came from; some of who came over on the Mayflower, some who were apart of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who have fought in all the American Wars, and a few made the pioneer track west to settle Utah, Arizona, Idaho and California; it is through faith that they would be free and belief that their hard work would make this a better place for their children that brought some of our ancestors to this country; it is their hope and faith that lives on through us that I know that America is a place that is capable to greatness if we choose to rise to the occasion.

I pray that anti-cancer activists can make the same difference, with the same passion and convection, as the civil rights activist started so long ago.

On a seperate note, here are a few photos from this past weekend which was a wonderful gift from Great Wolf Lodge gave our family; the gift of a weekend away and one of the best anti cancer drugs (happiness) we know of. I can't say enough good things about the staff up in Traverse City, they seem to truly understand service and do so with a relaxed smile. It is an amazing place. And what an example they have set in their generosity to the families who battle childhood cancer.


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