Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good News

Kevin's doctor told us that Kevin's scans came back with no cancer growth. Kevin is 3 months cancer free then! We just pray that the rest of his scans come back like this.

Even though we have great news it is bittersweet as we watch all of these kids battle childhood cancer. I know of 3 kids who have suffered seizures, one little girl Abigale just under 21 months old whose left side is paralyzed and no one knows why but they think she may have had a stroke. Kayla is losing her battle with AT/RT, a type of brain tumor. Her and her family are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Along with MaryKate, and Trevor who was suppose to go home the same time we were but him and his mom are still here and not because they want to be.

Kevin got to spend some more time with his friend David last night which he really enjoyed. He also got poked again today and was really good about it.

Missing Scotty, Jake and Mike still!

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Dave said...

It is good to see Kevin doing so well, it gives us lots of hope.