Saturday, January 10, 2009

Glad to be home

Whew! What a busy week! Almost everything about the trip was pretty positive. We still have to watch Kevin for early puberty. It looks like his body might be trying to start a little early; indicating the radiation and chemo may have done some damage to his endocrine system. This makes nutrition and sleep very important right now as we try to get Kevin's body growing again. We know there are long term issues we will have to face. I learned something interesting about nutrition, not from the nutritionist of course but from the endocrine doctor there. Salt intake causes people losing calcium which is apart of the important minerals Kevin needs to get growing. Minerals are so important for Kevin right now and most likely for the rest of the time he is growing.

I spent some of the time (when not at the hospital with Kevin for appointments) doing all the things I can't do when the younger two are around while we were in Memphis. This means I actually used the work out room almost everyday we were there. I scrapbooked a decent size brag book for my mother & father in-law AND I started reading a book that is just for fun, nothing about cancer. I worked on our family genelogy (a project I started years ago) too! I have forgotten all I am capable of gettng done in less than a week. It would normally take a month or longer for all of this to get done at home.

It was nice to see Scotty, Jake and Mike today! This evening Mike and I played a 2 hours of Wii Rock Band after the kids went to bed. Mike must have been practicing while I was gone because he is pretty good on the bass guitar. I did guitar and vocals. The latter I would never do in public, especially to the Beastie Boys song. The game must have been created by a group of men because there is hardly any songs sung by girls.

We are so happy about the clear scans for this round. I am just praying for a cancer free life for Kevin. Thank you everyone for all of the prayers! We so appreciate all of the love and support. I think it definatly helps Kevin (& us) get through this.



Kathy said...

So glad you're home and that the MRI was clear.

Early puberty is part of the picture for many kids, Steven included.

Glad you got a little "alone" time as well :-)

Terri said...

We are so happy to hear the week went well. All clear are words that are music to our ears. It is amazing how far we have come in the last year. Way to go Kevin. We are so proud of you.

Glad you had some much needed "me" time. That does wonder for you soul. Glad you are home and we think of ya'll all the time. Give the kids hugs for us. Sending prayers your way from Florida(the Sunshine State). Sure ya'll would love some of our 70 to low 80 degree sunny weather. haha. Much love, Terri and Heather

Tae Scott-Smith said...

Great news on the scans! Yay, Kevin!!! Happy to hear that you guys made it back home safe and sound, too. Thanks for the info about the minerals; we hadn't been made aware of that fact, yet. Always nice to have some extra ammo in the battle.

Hugs to all and prayers for continued great health and growing strength.

--Tae :)