Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Aunt Beth is Here!

Sunday sent Eric and Mike back home but brought Aunt Beth here. Kevin and Scotty were very excited to see her and have her here with us. At first Kevin was really sad that Jack and Sam did not come with her. Once I explained to him why they couldn't come he seemed to understand. Scotty insisted on sleeping with Aunt Beth last night. I hope that worked out okay for her. Everyone is still asleep. So far this looks like an easy week. Kevin's counts are so high they don't plan on doing any more labs until Friday which seems really unusual for me. It seems like we are typically still doing blood and platelet transfusions which require hours in the hospital.

Kevin is scheduled to go in patient for round 3 of chemo Saturday July 19th. My anxiety attacks are back and I am not sure what it is about this round of chemo that is making me so uneasy.


Laura said...

It's so good that he's fighting so much in round 1 & 2! It's totally normal that you are uneasy and nervous as each round comes. I can't imagine. God is in your favor and is watching over all of you. Enjoy the time with Aunt Beth and we'll all pray when his round begins for good health as we have each day and each round :-)
Take care,

Kathy said...

After Steven was done with chemo, I realized I think I was holding my breath for all four cycles.

Before we left to drive to Memphis I dreamed of returning to San Diego without him.

As difficult as things were, in retrospect I can say that Steven did fine.

Kevin sounds like he's doing really well so far. We'll be praying for smooth sailing this round.

terri braswell said...

Hi Rachel. That is good news that his counts are so high. We get ours checked again tomorrow. Our platelets are running a little low but blood is good. It is normal to be anxious about each and every round. But I try to look at it like we already know what to expect so that will be one more down. We may go in onthe 16th. We have her Mri's on Thurs and Friday with her LP. Hope you have a good week and hopefully we will see you soon. Kevin is doing great!!He is a very strong boy and he gets that from you. Hang in there. Call me if you want to vent. I understand all to well. Much love, Terri and Heather

Christy said...

I love you and am praying for you! I will pray for your peace through this as well as for Kevin's health. During such a difficult time only God can provide that peace. I will continuously pray that he does.

In Christ's amazing love,
Christy Cook

Resa said...

Hi Rachel! I'm glad you have Beth there and you guys are spending some time together. We think about you guys every day and hope Kevin continues to improve and everything goes well. Keep your head up. You are so strong - I see that in Kevin as well.
Love you all!