Sunday, July 6, 2008

Old family movie

I was trying to organize all of the photos I have on my laptop when I came across this movie I made a couple of years ago. Time has gone by fast and Kevin seems so much older now. I feel so much older now (and as Eric will happily tell anyone about the grey hair that I have showing now).


Willardson Family said...

Rachel its fun to see you with Becca and Sarah. I wouldn't of known that was Sarah unless you told me. Its crazy how old we all are getting.

Laura said...

Wow...that was really neat to see..hard, but a great surprise to see on the blog. I think music added to pictures always makes it a bit emotional. Kevin and Scotty are both growing so fast. It's like yesterday that Kev was that size. Thanks for sharing the movie. Tell Kevin please that I love him so much and I already miss him.
Aunt Laura

Celeste said...

what beautiful girls you are. I loved seeing your boys....what cuties!
Celeste Allen

Anonymous said...

Gray hair is a sign of wisdom. So that can be your comeback when anyone gives you a hard time : )

Cindy Scholten