Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Rachel's quite busy so I'm updating the blog today. Kevin has been feeling well but had his temperature taken today, and unfortunately it read 101 degrees. That's above the 100.3, which means right now as I type this Mike and Rachel are getting Kevin admitted to the hospital. They move very swiftly when their counts are at zero. They treat them as if he has an infection as soon as he's admitted, giving him antibiotics through his hickman. They'll take some blood cultures to determine if he does in deed have one. Last time he didn't, so we're hoping for the same results. This is pretty standard, as Dr. Hale told us a patient often time goes into every cycle for a few days when their counts are down. Thankfully Mike's there tonight, so I can fly out tomorrow. I'm tying up a lot of loose ends at work, and have an important meeting tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully Kevin's hospital stay will be short term. Rachel or I will make sure to keep everybody posted.

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terri braswell said...

Hi guys. I am so sorry to hear that Kevin is in patient. I hope he gets feeling better. I know what a pain it is ito be inpatient but when they ar not feeling well that is really the best place to be. I hope Eric has a safe trip out and all goes well with Mike and the kids. I hope you are feeling better soon Kevin. Much love, Terri and Heather

Laura said...

I'm so sorry to hear he has a fever, he's been doing so well. He's a fighther and he'll get through this. We'll be praying for him. My love to all of you. I wont have access to a computer all weekend because im going up north..eric, please text me with any updates if you get a chance.
Laura and Alex