Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rest Day

Kevin's had a great night yesterday. Today is a rest day for him before his Bone Marrow Transplant tomorrow morning. The transplant will be a little more involved today as it's more then just stem cells. The transplant takes place in order to revitalize his immune system, which the chemotherapy attacks (specifically his bone marrow). Kevin has had a pretty non-eventfull cycle this time around, save for the first day. The Cisplantin day is something none of us ever look forward to. Only one more day of it, next month, and it will be a distant memory. He's watching Tom & Jerry right now. It so reminds me of myself at his age. I spoke to the Dr. this morning and he said since he's getting the full Bone Marrow Transplant this round, he'll have to stay one more night. He said they'll try to be proactive Thursday night, so that everything's ready for him to leave mid Friday morning. His counts won't be all the way down until early next week, as it's a delayed response. Thank you everybody for your prayers and support for this round.

Take care,



terri braswell said...

Hi Kevin!! Round # 3 is almost complete. Hope you have a good rest day. I am glad this round has gone so well. You hang in there and you will be back at TH before you know it. Enjoy your day and we will be thinking of you while you get your transplant tomorrow. Much love, Terri and Heather

Laura said...

Hi BooBoo!! I bet he loves having grandma and Bubba there. I couldn't be more proud of him...he's inspiring all of us to keep fighting whatever fight we have in life..there's always hope :-) I'm thinking about you too ERic, hope you enjoyed having some extra family there with you. I'm so proud of you too. (I know..uck right)