Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

This week Rachel's had her 3?th Birthday. I lost my password to get on the site, so I was unable to sign on yesterday. Anyway, although it's probably not the ideal place to spend her birthday at least she has her family there to share the day with.

Today's a pretty big day for Kevin. He has his brain MRI, spinal MRI, and lumbar puncture all in the same day. I believe he will be sedated for a good portion of today. The combination of seeing him go under and watching him wake up in a very foggy (at best) state is very tough. Last round of MRI's I was there (when Kevin and I went back after our month off), and it's never easy. I feel for Rachel having to see her baby go under, then wake up often panicked. He very much detest anastesia and doesn't come out of it very happy. I leave tomorrow afternoon for his Saturday night admitance into the hospital. Today my thoughts will be with Kevin all day long as his body endures the litany of test. Hopefully Rachel will update the site some time today with updates. I'll call her periodically throughout the day.

Take Care,


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terri braswell said...

Rachel I am sorry I missed your birthday. Happy late Birthday. I hope Kevin's tests went well today. He seemed in very good spirits this morning. Have a good weekend prior to admission. We won't be in until Wed at the earliest. Much love, Terri and Heather Have a safe trip Eric.