Monday, July 28, 2008

No immune system

Dispite Kevin having no immune system we could not avoid crowds today. They were in the medicine room, in the B clinic waiting room, it seems every place Kevin was scheduled to be at in the hospital, there were CROWDS! It was all because Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly and Drake and Josh) and the Jonas Brothers seem to be everywhere we were going. And dispite the fact we had watched a marathon of iCarly the day before (not knowing what the future held) Kevin could not be any less interested in meeting any type of Hollywood star. When the Jonas Brother's came into the medicine room and started to walked toward Kevin, he got out of there as fast as he could. He has never been so desperate to have another appointment. He actually wanted to go to the cafeteria (he never wants to go there).

Julie, Dean and their 3 boys along with Scotty met us back at Target House for the big lucheon and kareoke with the Jonas Brothers and Miranda Cosgrove. None of the kids in our group were too into the superstars, but very much into the huge cupcakes for dessert.

Aunt Laura met us there too, getting pictures just in case. She took Kevin upstairs to our room when he had enough. I stayed with Julie and Dean to spend some time with Scotty and get something for myself to eat since I never did get anything in the cafeteria and forgot to eat breakfast. Jake slept though the whole Target House thing. He woke up when we were the kids were on the playground and Scotty decided to crash his bigwheel into baby Jack which I immediately got after him for crashing into a baby.

It was 101 today. It is HOT here in Memphis. I walk outside and just sweat. Kevin hates his mask that he has to wear because he sweats underneath it. Jake loves the heat. He sleeps really well it seems when it is way to hot for humans. It has been almost 3 months since me, Kevin and Jake have been home. I am not sure how Jake is going to like the cold back up north where he really is from, even though he pretty much only knows Memphis as home.


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terri braswell said...

That is too bad Kevin did not want to see the "stars". It seemed to be a good pick me up for a lot of kids. Glad to hear there is no fever and that Kevin is still feeling good. Hope that continues. We are always thinking of ya'll. Much love, Terri and Heahter