Monday, June 30, 2008

Waiting for Counts to Approve

Kevin still has no neutrophils in his blood today, so after a morning at the hospital, we're hanging out at "home." We've been watching a lot of TV (a constant assault of Spongebob) and playing multiplayer Nintendo DS. Rachel and Jake have been napping most of the afternoon. They seem to have their nights and days confused.

Kevin is doing great! He's active, he's eating, he's laughing. Yesterday he fed dinner to Jake. I didn't have the camera so I couldn't catch the event, but I do have another video to share from Jake. It's Jake saying "bye-bye" to the camera. He's been doing that a lot lately, usually to complete strangers.

Tomorrow will probably be another long day at the hospital. We are expecting that Kevin's platelet count will be low, requiring him to get an infusion of platelets. We'll see, but today's it's been a very relaxing day.



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Kevin is doing so well! And Jake is just a doll! Rachel, I hope you are feeling better now that Mike is there. Please, hang in there and no that you guys have a lot of people praying for you all. Soon, you guys will all be home and this will be in the past.

Cindy Scholten
(Eric's cousin)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, we miss you guys already Bye Bye Jake. So cute. Tell Kevin were proud of him, it is being such a courageous young boy. Were really proud of you. Two more treatments left and then you'll be home, we can't wait.
hugs and kisses.

Laura said...

I am sooo happy to hear he's doing this well this time around!! We all are so proud of him :-) RAchel..I can't believe Jake is doing that so often now...the cutest!! Have a great day and tell Kevin that Uncle Al and Laura say hi and we love him soooo much!!
Love to all of you,