Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Kevin hasn't had a fever since the one time he had a temperature last night when we were in the medicine room getting ready for him to have a blood transfusion and platelets. He has since had 2 blood transfusions and only one transfusion of platelets. He seems to be getting strength back and his ANC was 100, so it is coming up faster than expected. He still will be staying in the hospital while we try to figure out what caused the fever. If we can't figure it out he will be out of inpatient by Thursday. Kevin managed to make his night nurse last night come close to crying when she was trying to give him his medicines. Today they have sent the Child Life Specialist in to work with him on being nicer to the people administering his medicine.

Jake did great spending his first night at St. Jude. He slept in his port a crib and only woke up twice (that is a pretty good night for him). Kevin appreciated having him there with him and thought that was pretty special.

Aunt Becca, Uncle Mike and Liam (my sister, brother in law and nephew) arrived late this morning. Liam and Jake are really cute together and very close in length but Jake has a couple of pounds on Liam. Everyone asks if they are twins (they were born less than 48 hours apart), and they looks at us in disbelief when we say cousins.


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Willardson Family said...

Rachel you are amazing! Thanks for keeping us updated we are always anxious to hear how you are all doing!