Monday, June 23, 2008

Right on Schedule

Kevin's had a pretty good day today. Rachel and Jake were with him from 9 am to 9 pm (majority of the day). I picked my sister up from the airport around 1 and took her to lunch for her birthday. Laura was here from 4 to 9 with Rachel though. He slept a lot but was pretty energetic in small spurts, wanting to play wii. His body has really calmed down over the last 24 hours. He started back up on TPN (his nourishment through his line) tonight, and tomorow morning does his Stem cell infusion. Since his body is already accustomed to TPN, they don't need him to stay in the hospital to monitor how he responds. He started off on a 20 hr cycle tonight, and will transistion to 12 hours a day over the next week or so. His attitude has been fantastic. Whether he wants to play his wii, watch t.v. or sleep, he lets us know. He's been very polite with the nurses, and hasn't had any signs at all of having another night terror...Thank God!!! If he does get out tomorrow, I'll probably move my flight up and return home so I can put some time in at the office. His counts will be at 0 in the next 10 days or so, and that's the time where everything's touch and go, in terms of whether they re-admit him. This is when Rachel or I takes his temp every few hours, and if it's above 100.3 he pretty much goes back to the hospital. All in all, things are going well. We look forward to the day that he gets to come back home. I can't wait to see him with even half the energy he use to have. Chemo is typically dreadful, but short term. Once all 4 of his cycles are completed things start coming back. His hair will probably be the longest, as that was hit hard both by chemo and radiation. To be honest, I could care less if he every grows hair again as long as he's healthy and happy. And, his lack of hair has never been an issue for him. He shows his bald head with pride. I hope all is well back home. I look forward to coming back to Michigan and getting a taste of home for a week or so.

Good night all



terri braswell said...

Hello Eric, Kevin, and Rachel. Glad to hear Kevin did okay with the infusion. Sorry about that vomitting but at least it was short lived. Heather tolerated hers very well. She is sleepoing now. I wanted to thank you Eric for stopping by to check on us. The support you and Rachel provide me goes a long way and I appreciate it very much. I do think we will get through this and be so much stronger because of it. It is an amazing and scary journey we are all on but therre is and end in sight if we can just stay focused on it. Hope you have safe flight home when you go. Rachel call me whenever and we can talk , vent ,cry , whatever, imagine maybe we could actually visit like 2 adults. What a concept. Take care and hope Kevin continues to do very well. Love, Terri and Heather

senbazuru said...

So glad to hear that Kevin is doing (relatively) well.

Chemo is indescribably difficult, but it sounds like Kevin is hanging in there, just like Steven did.

Your entire family and extPraended family is in my prayers. I'm hoping to get to meet Kevin in August when we're there.

Prayers to all....