Sunday, June 1, 2008

Kevin's ANC is zero

"If the white blood counts are too low, the child is neutropenic. Neutropenic means that the immune system is depressed, that the child is immunocompromised and unable to fight off infections. It is measured by the ANC, absolute neutrophil count:

If the ANC is >1000, the patient can live a relatively normal life. If it is 500-1000, he is entering the danger zone. If it is <500,>AGC (absolute granulocyte count)."

Kevin got out of the hospital Friday (late afternoon). We have been back to the hospital everyday for blood draws, labs and to hook up his TPN because we are all still learning. I am nervous about having to do it all on my own. Mike and Eric seem pretty confident with it. I am scared to death of screwing up my kid.

We have just been hanging around the Target House apartment playing the Wii. Kevin has been really tired which is good, we can't go out into public when he has no immune system. While they all play the Wii, I have been working hard to keep this place VERY clean. Maybe a good after effect of all of this is I will keep a cleaner home. Though I am not sure how I would be able to if not for Mike to take care of the kids while I deep clean everything in sight.

The McCommon's were kind enough to give Kevin a gift card to Game Stop so we got a new Wii game today. The kids seem to love it (including Mike) and Kevin actually played a couple of games which is huge, he didn't move off the couch much today.

Thats about it right now.

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