Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Officially outpatientOne

Kevin left the hospital yesterday afternoon with Rachel and Laura, as I went home after my overnight shift to get our Target House room ready. I can think of more then a couple people who would have taken great pleasure given the opportunity to see me scrubbing the toilet, cleaning the bathtub, and deep cleaning pretty much any area I could see. I think if I would've had somebody there I would've complained, but since I didn't I kept my thoughts to myself--lol. Kevin came home and has been pretty strong since. It's about 9:45 a.m. right now. His energy is good, and he's walking quite well. We kind of got caught in the middle of a transition with his nausea meds, from 3 times daily to a 24 hour ready made. The 24 hour isn't ready yet, so he didn't have anything this morning. He was fine when he woke up, but of course he got real sick when getting his labs at St. Judes. We're sitting in the Medicine room right now for a scheduled GCF appointment, and they've also given him so Benedryl for nausea. He's feeling well now, watching cartoons and playing his Nin. DS. We'e learned that when Kevin says he's going to get sick, he means it, and to grab something quick! All in all he's doing very well. I'm flying home at 1:30 this afternoon, so I'll be leaving the hospital shortly after Rachel and my sister arrive. We're half way done, and looking forward to he next few weeks of rest for Kevin.

Take Care,



terri and heather braswell said...

It was nice seeing ya'll this morning. I hope Kevin is better with the nausea. Jake brought a lot of smiles to Heather so thank you for bringing him by to see us. I hope Eric had a safe flight home. I know it has to be difficult to leave. I know you will enjoy your visit with his sister. I hope Kevin continues to do well. Heathter is already at 100 with her ANC. That is alot faster than the first round. Hope to see ya'll around the hospital or TH. Have a good night. Much love, Terri and Heather

The Aldie Herrs said...

Thanks for all the updates... It's so nice that you are all so good about updating the blog so that we can check in on you without the worry of calling at a bad time. It sounds like things are going pretty well considering.

Please tell Kevin that we all love him very much and we're so happy that he's more than half way done with all of this... what a relief!!!

Love to all:)

Nic, Kelly & Dylan Herr