Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Opps! We threw the mask to the wind for a day

Scotty had his first horse riding lesson today out at Habitat for Hope. He loved it and I want to thank them again for providing the wonderful lesson for him. Kevin was well enough to participate but isn't too into horses so by passed it to watch Enchanted inside with another little boy during the lesson. Scotty learned how to do basic grooming of the horse first. Then they worked on saddling up the horse, stretching and than riding the horse. Scotty LOVED the riding part and kept asking to go faster. Mrs. Horox was a wonderful teacher and I really appreciate her making Scotty feel special and important.

Riding lessons were really early in the morning to bet the heat so we were rushing to get there on time and forgot Kevin's mask. Then we went to the apartment and met up with my parents. Kevin didn't have to be at the hospital until noon. And sure enough after we registered at the hospital Kevin points out he doesn't have his mask on! I stopped dead in my tracks and said, "Well we can go to B clinic and get another one but think it will be okay just this once because your counts are high enough and we really aren't going to be here long. Just wash your hands lots!" I kid you not, Kevin skipped down the hall when he realized he had gotten out of wearing his mask. I think he had the best day in a long time today. It is the most energy I have seen him have in a long time. We went down town for dinner and then he got to go to Jillians and play $10 worth of games. It was nice to see him smile. It amazes me how much Scotty and Kevin are bonded. The last couple of days when it comes time to eat, they always defer to the other as to what they will eat. Oh they disagree, don't get me wrong, but they are getting really good working it out between themselves civilly most of the time. At the end of the night, Kevin and Scotty walked away with whoppy cushions. Scotty could not stop laughing about the 'farty' sound.

Oh! And I was happily unaware that my wonderful husband taught Scotty and Kevin last week how to use a straw under the arm pit to make the best 'farty' sounds, that is until yesterday when Scotty wanted to share his new talent with everyone here at the Target House. I was surprised to when I asked him who taught him this to find out my delightful husband is to blame. I can see it now, Scotty at the Glengary Talent Show next year with his magical straw.........!

As for me, I am still an emotional mess. I went and talked to the chaplin at the hospital. He was surprised to find out that I haven't had more 'breakdowns'. So I guess I was a bit overdue. I spent most of today crying or trying not to cry. It was nice to have him agree that this sucks and even him, a man of God, has trouble seeing the point to all of this suffering. I really appreciate all of you who reached out to me during this low point I am going through.

Okay, I should get some sleep. And even though I don't exactly feel right (yet) with the big guy upstairs I pray He blesses you and your loved ones with health.

Good night.

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Christy said...

Just a quick note to say, I love you all and pray for you daily!