Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pictures from Mike, Becca & Liam's Visit

Yesterday was even longer than we expected and took a scary turn around 10:30 PM when the doctor removed the catheter in Kevin's groan area. When she removed the catheter, blood started shooting out. This was like a bad ER show, it took about 10 minutes and five nurses to get Kevin held down. Kevin was freaking out, not because of the blood but because the nurses had to push really hard to get the bleeding to stop. Little did he understand that he could have bled to death. Scotty saw the whole thing and is still a little worried about his brother dying (I am getting lots of questions about death) and about this happening to him. We are working these things out with him. I think if we can reassure him Kevin is going to make it through this, Kevin and Scotty's bond will just grow deeper but I feel that Scotty needs his feelings to be validated and given a 5 year old understanding of this crazy cancer world. Mike was great through the whole thing and held pressure on where the blood was squirting out until the nurses could get things under control. I honestly think Mike handled the whole thing better than all of them. I was trying to hold and very active Jake who kept trying to get to Kevin.

I rescheduled Kevin's appointments for this morning as we didn't get home until midnight. Mike, Scotty and Kevin left for their hospital day around noon and they are still there. Not surprisingly Kevin required another blood transfusion today. Hopefully they will all be home soon as Mike said it would just be another hour or so before they are done. I stayed home with Jake as I let everyone sleep in this morning while I took care of rearranging todays schedule at the hospital. I ended up with less than 3 hours of sleep as of this morning. But Jake has been kind enough to take a long nap with me this afternoon while everyone was gone.

Kevin took some great pictures last week with Aunt Becca and Uncle Mike's camera. Here is their photo album from their trip which include Kevin's pictures.

Here is a link to the pictures for those who get updates via email:


Terri Braswell said...

Rachel, I am so sorry to hear about the ordeal last night with Kevins' fem cath. That had to have been so so scarey for everyone. I can't imagine what poor Scotty is thinking. I hope today went smoother. You are always inour thought and prayers. Hope to see you soon and I hope you all get the much needed rest you deserve. Much love,Terri and Heather

Diane Hanewich (Erik's mom) said...

Wow Rachel. That sounds like a rough night! I hope none of you have to go through that again. Hope Kevin is feeling better today and Scotty has a short memory. Erik was so happy to see Scotty at Glengary for the 3rd grade picnic. They played for quite a while. Hang in there. We are all thinking of you!