Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday morning

Nothing exciting to report, which is I guess both good and bad depending on how you look at it. Kevin hasn't had a fever for a while, but his counts aren't going up very fast either. He's at 100 ANC again, and they need to start heading up past 500. He's probably going to be here until Saturday. He's doing well, but at times puts his foot down, especially during medication time. He knows full well that there is one oral medicine in particular that he gets ill off of 9 times out of 10. It's usually quick and over with, but he's no fool. We're hoping he won't need to take it much longer as he's had a BM two days in a row now (it's an awful stool softening med). Sometimes it takes 15 minutes of convincing to get him comply. He's actually pretty funny when the nurses wake him up in the middle of the night for vitals or blood (they do their job trying not to wake him). I wake up during these episodes to Kevin saying "you have to be kidding"! "I'm trying to sleep"!! Although I get awoken myself, I find myself trying to hold back laughter. I'll sign off now. Kevin's food is here.

Take Care,

Eric Saarela

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Laura said...

Eric..oh my gosh..I can totally hear him saying that right now to the nurses!!!.. that totally gave me a chuckle. I think that's great that even through all this he still has the energy to fight..for whatever or whomever it may be..that's strength. Tell him I love him so much...Take care and talk to you soon.