Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hospital update

Kevin's doing pretty well with his current hospital stay. He's still having a very difficult time consuming food without getting sick. I will say to his credit, he tries to eat, knowing the result will end un-ceremoniously. One of the Docors came in for her morning rounds about an hour ago. It seems Kevin probably doesn't have an infection, as evidenced by nothing growing on the culture. However, his ANC conts did dip back down to 0, and she said his temps are "flirting with normal", but they're still in the high 99's and she would welcome a small decrease. Saying that, Kevin will probably he held here until Friday. She was hoping he'd be able to leave late today or tomorrow, but they need to be careful. I think Rachel and I both agree if they have even the most miniscule of reasons to keep a close eye on him, we're fully supportive.

Last night we watched Revenge of the Sith, thus we've finished the entire Star Wars series. We skipped a couple of the age-inappropriate scenes, but he really enjoyed the movie. He picked the middle of the movie to tell me how glad he is to have me back. He must have really missed me, as I was back to Michigan a full 1 1/2 days.


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Laura said...

Eric and Rachel...We're all thinking of you and praying that Kevin continues to fight!! Please tell him we love him so much. Your in our every thought and prayer.
Laura and Alex and grandma and grandpa Saarela :-)