Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lots of Sleep

Today has seemed to go fairly well thus far. Understand of course, fairly well is a relative term when a child is receiving high dose chemotherapy. As many of you read, Kevin had a very tough bout with nausea last night. One or two medications alone couldn't control it, so they successfully slowed things down with 3--Benadryl, Adavan, and his normal Zofran. The side effect is a very sleepy and a little less clear-headed, Kevin. He's been a gem though. He has to get up a minimum of every 2 hours to urinate, and he's done it with little complaining. He's also been very tolerable with the nurses tonight (it's almost midnight as I write this), as they come in periodicaly to take his vitals. His blood pressure is pretty low when he sleeps,and the chemo is known to lower it further. So Kevin who enjoys sleeping in the fetal position, has to be turned onto his back to get a better reading. He whines for a second, then complies. We're hoping tomorrow he won't require the cocktail of nausea drugs he's currently taking. Sleep is good, but he misses out on a mouth treatment or two. The mouth treatment saves him from getting painfull sores in his mouth and throat. We've been good at getting him to do this while he's awake, but he's supposed to do it 4 times a day. I see un-used portions sitting in the room, so I assume he's behind. We'll make a concerted effort tomorrow to get all of his daily treatments completed. Nobody, including the doctors and nursed want him to wake up from a peacefull sleep unless absolutely necessary. On another note, I want to bring up a 5k run that's coming up August 2nd back home in Rochester Hills, MI. There's a family in Rochester Hills (where I grew up) who lost their 6 1/2 year old daughter last year to a brain tumor. She had intrinsic brainstem glioma which is a whole different beast. Brain tumors in general are terrible, but the type she had is unfortunatley almost always fatal within 18 months. Anyway, the family formed a group called the Advokate, and are facilitating the 2nd anual Advokate, 5k in Rochester Municipal Park this August 2nd. The proceeds go directly to St. Jude Brain Tumor Research. She also was a patient here. It looks promising that Kevin will be completed with his 3rd cycle a few days before, so I hope to run. I spent 2 hours last night reading the family's entire blog about their experience. It was informative but also absolutely heart-wrenching. I have several friends who run races anyway, so if you're available it's for a great cause. I found this by complete accident, as my therapy of late has been running. I've been loggin between 25 and 30 miles a week this month, and every mile has been the best therapy I could ask for. I guess it's an added bonus that I've managed to drop the 10 or 12 lbs I gained from all the food and deserts from the Ronald McDonald House (March and April). Putting my i-pod on and losing myself for an hour into a run has been a highly anticipated part of my day. At any rate, enough said.........except Paul, Jay, Brad, and Vicki I hope to see you there--lol. Having read much about the awful prognosis of some of the different brain tumors has in an odd way made me thankful. That sounds like a ridiculous thing to say, as a parent of a child with a brain tumor..........But I'm thankful that Kevin at least has a chance, and a very, very good chance in that. When we first got run over by the proverbial freight train with the MRI news, we had no idea what we were in for. I can honestly say, that since that day my hopes for Kevin have become more and more positive with each increasing day. Lastly, for those who are saying prayers, I ask you include Heather and her mother Terri. She has the same exact brain tumor Kevin has, but they've been riddled with complications during her treatment. Her mother (like Rachel) is a true Super-Mom and has been by her side virtually every second, not getting to go home like I do. I hope all is well with everybody back home.

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Anonymous said...

You are a super dad too. Kevin is lucky to have you and Rachel (and Mike). I continue to pray for you guys to all have strength.

Cindy, Brent, Ashley, Becca, and Connor