Thursday, June 19, 2008

1 more day until chemo starts

Kevin goes inpatient tomorrow night and starts chemo on Friday. Last time he was really sick from the chemo. Please pray that he escapes any short term or long term side effects from the toxic drugs they are giving him to kill the cancer cells. Please pray that he is able to stay strong and focused on fighting this terrible disease. I really hope his spirits stay up, that will help with his healing. Please pray for me, Mike, Eric and my parents so that we might be able to understand Kevin and be an advocate for him that he needs us to be.

We really appreciate all of the prayers and comments!

Tonight before bed Scotty was talking about what he was going to be like when he grows up. He is scared the same thing is going to happen to him that is happening to Kevin right now. But he is wants to be so reassuring when he talks about it. He says, " But mommy it won't make me dead, I will just be really sick and have to take lots of medicines." Lets hope and pray he is wrong. He also said when he is big he is moving to Florida so the mean kid can't find him in Michigan and Tennessee (there was a kid about a month ago here at the Target House who kept yelling at Scotty that he didn't like him). He said he is going to have a son named David and I will be David's favorite grandmother. He said he is going to build me a big bedroom where David will crawl into bed with me late at night (and that I can live with him and his wife). Today he wasn't sure who he will marry when he is big, but he probably will be older than her. He told me that he is going to have a big house with lots of kids. It was pretty deep for a 5 year old to have so much of his life planned out. Scotty is really worried about dying right now. I am not sure if this is still left over from what happened last week. He understands Kevin is really sick right now. I know he is really worried about Kevin and doesn't want to leave his side, not even at night. I am glad he loves his brother so much. I pray that me and Mike can help Scotty work this through.


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Terri Braswell said...

Hi Rachel and gang. hang in there this can be done because we are living proof that we are both doing it now. Now who says we will stay sane throughout it but that is what our famiy and friends are for. Even our children will help keep us grounded. You will LOVE the sleep study. We got 3 90 minute intervals of uninterupted sleep. How great is that. See you tonight. We are in room 10. make sure you ar not placed by the nursing station because it could get noisy. Stay strong. See you soon. Love, Terri and Heather