Friday, June 27, 2008

Almost Saturday morning

We had two trips to the airport today. Around 11 am we said good bye to Kevin's Aunt Laura. It was a nice week and she was a big help. Both the boys seemed to enjoy having her around. Before dropping her off we met with Richard our B Clinic PA who informed us Kevin will be needing another blood transfusion tomorrow. His hemoglobin is at 8.2 which is lower than they like. Richard also said he expects that Kevin will need platelets on Sunday. So it looks like we will be spending most of the weekend in the Medicine Room at St. Jude's. Kevin's counts are on their way down. His ANC should be near zero Sunday or Monday. This is when he is at the most risk for infection because he has no immune system. So we need lots of prayers that he is able to avoid any infections this whole week and stay clear of inpatient status.

Jake has started to do some fun things like walk around the coffee table, say bye-bye and wave. The later only seems to happen with random strangers at the hospital. He is sporting a whole bunch of teeth now!! Jake is getting big so fast and I am sad there is no hope of keeping a baby book for his first year of life.

We went back up to the airport around 7 pm tonight and picked up Scotty and Mike. I was really glad to see both of them. I have missed them alot this week.

Scotty seemed to have really enjoyed VBS back home this week. He loved spending time with his friend Charlie today and Charlie's little sister. Scotty also has his first loose teeth. Two actually. If they come out in the next 9 days his first visit from the tooth fairy will be in Memphis.

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terri braswell said...

I hope the rest of your med room visit went well. It was nice to see you and I am sure you are glad to have Scotty and Mike here. Kevin looked good and I hope he continues to feel well. I bet we see you in the med room again tomorrow as we will be there also. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Let's hope for a fever free interval until round 3. Love. Terri and Heather