Thursday, June 19, 2008

First night

Well we've been admitted inpatient for round 2 of chemo. The research nurses came in and set up everything for the sleep study. I'm sitting here in a completely dark room with the sounds of crickets chirping....If it was little later (It's only 10) I'd probably fall right asleep. When the Sleep Study Nurses left it began 90 minutes of uninterupted sleep, which includes myself staying quiet and not going in and out of the room. When they left I gave him a kiss good night, and he rolled over and basically fell asleep immediately. The theory is that with the uninterupted periods of sleep they'll feel better and respond better for chemo. I will say I'm not nearly as nervous for the second cycle. Kevin and i chatted about it today, and he's a total guy. It's so funny. He basically said been there, done that, I'll be fine. His confidence naturally makes me that much more at ease for tomorrow morning. The first day of chemo, which is day -4, is by far the worst. We all know what to expect now, and hopefully any unwelcomed surprises will be few and far between. Well the crickets background is doing a number on me. I may fall asleep before 10:30. That would be a miracle! We'll keep the updates coming as his second round begins tomorow morning.

Everybody Take Care,



Tae Scott-Smith said...

Hey, all!

Just wanted to drop by before chemo meds got hooked up in the a.m. to wish you all good luck. It's so awesome that Kevin is comfortable with what will happen and how he will, undoubtedly, feel. He's so tough!

We're thinking of you all as you enter round two (sounds as though Kevin's got his dukes up already!) and send lots of prayers and positive vibes that you don't have to go back inpatient until round three.

Ethan wanted to tell Kevin that he saw Kung Fu Panda too and that his favorite part was when Po made the goofy face when Master Tigress was talking to him about Tai Lung. (Master Mantis had been putting the needles in Po and accidentally poked his facial nerve ending.) It was so funny!

Rachel, I read about where you spoke to the chaplain (Mark, possibly?) about your struggles to find a place for all you've been feeling. He has helped me many times when I didn't even know that I needed to talk about things. You're not alone in all you've been feeling and I'm no judge of sanity ('ve met me) but I think it's only natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure and just plain torked off. Just keep talking about it, keep writing about it and keep praying about it. Screaming helps too. :)

Call me anytime and I'll listen when needed, give advice when asked and have a joke ready and waiting. Take care and know that so many folks are in your corner pulling for you and ready to help should you need it--us included!

Virtual hugs,

The Scott-Smiths

Laura said...

HI everyone...I know this has been such a difficult road and it's still a long one, know that none of you are alone. We are praying everyday for Kevin's health and for your strength and courage in this. All of us back here don't forget about you for a second. Although we have states in between, we are still here hoping and praying. Kevin will do this. Tell him I love him and I'm so excited to see him on Monday. I can't wait to be of help again.

terri braswell said...

Hello Rachel, Kevin , and Eric,
I hope today has gone better than expected. At least round 2 is under way. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Rachel, I hope you are feeling better. I have talked to mark the chaplain and he is very helpful for me.

This is tougher than anything anyone should ever ahve to go through. Watching your child go through this is heart wrenching. Unfortunately it is what it is and we have to do whatever it is we have to do to get through this. We are a team here so if you need anything just call , knock on our door(10) I will be glad to listen laugh cry or scream with you. Much love. Terri and Heather