Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

Today is Fathers Day, and Kevin has been feeling good. So all is good, and I couldn't ask for more. We celebrated yesterday since I'll be leaving early this afternoon. Ronald McDonald House (RMH) had a carnival yesterday morning. Kevin and I took a shuttle to attend, and we had a really good time. They had a moonwalk, as well as an inflatable giant slide. He was able to have some fun in small doses. He can play like most, but tires out and needs to have rest intervals. They also had a really cool bowling game. After round one of playing, Kevin took me inside RMH to show his hand-print from when he left last time. It was nice to see, and it was right next to Will's. He wanted a break from the heat, so like old times at RMH we sat in the t.v. viewing area (in the middle of the giant kitchen area) and watched scome sponge bob. He even had some microwave popcorn and soda. After one episode we went back outside to the Carnival and Kevin had more fun. He also made me a cool Father's Day visor, and put Love "Bob" on it. He has not lost his sense of humor. The Zofran has curbed his nausea the last couple of days. He even ate a full microwave bowl of Ravioli yesterday. On my end it was just fantastic to see him. Since Rachel's entire family is here (Mike, Scotty, and Jake) Kevin and I stayed at the Target House while they stayed in the apartment they got for visitors. It was good to be "thrown to the wolves" with his TPN and everything. Now it's a piece of cake, and Kevin himself complimented me, stating it doesn't hurt at all, and I do it very fast. I guess the hospital wouldn't have us bite off more then we can chew. The only lesson I've not officially recieved is changing his dressing. I'll make sure to get that done when chemo starts and he's inpatient. How time flies. It seems like yesterday that he just had his first cycle.

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Terri Braswell said...

Eric and Kevin, I am so glad you both had a great Father's Day celebration. It sounds like ya'll had some great quality time together. I am sure Rachel enjoyed her entire family being here. There is noone like family. Safe trip home and back. See you soon. Much love. Terri and Heather