Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back at Target House

Kevin's left the hospital at a very reasonable time today. He was home by mid afternoon. Rachel, Mike's dad, and Jake all hung out with Kevin at the Target House his first day back. He's feeling pretty well. He has a massive craving for potato chips, but really won't eat anything cooked. This is fine though, since each snack bag has over 10 g of fat. He had his eyes checked by the Opthamologist this afternoon. He basically said they're really dry, which is probably causing the blurred vision. He didn't realize Kevin was in the Transplant unit until the end, then he instantly assured us that it's very common for transplant patients. So starting tomorrow we have the pleasure of putting drops (basic saline solution) in his eyes. He probably won't love it, but as usual he'll grit his teeth and handle it. The doctors and nurses in the BMT unit were wonderful. I think we'll miss them all, and I say that hoping he never ever has to go up there again (no infection, please!!). Tonight we played bingo at the Target House. It was a big turn out, and we started out with all kinds of grand intentions. How did we do? To quote Kevin, "We sure do stink"! Mike's dad finally ended the dry spell. His energy's pretty good, and his sense of humor is definitely in tact. To me, his sense of humor is the biggest indicator of whether or not he's feeling well. Mike will replace Rachel here next week, as she gets to go home and see Scotty as he's now in Kindergarden. We meet with Kevin's teacher on Tuesday afternoon, and have curiculum night for 3rd grad shortly there after. It will be a little different going back to school this time, for Kevin. After Radiation he went back to his 2nd grade class room, who already knew and loved him. I'm confident his 3rd grade class is wonderful people as well, but it will be brand new to him. He's kind of going to be the outsider coming in, as the rest of the class started their routine on this week, where as Kevin probably won't start until the 4th week of September or first week of October. This will all work it's self out, but I feel incredibly nervous for Kevin. He's a very sensitive kid (always has been), so Rachel and I will do everything we can to make sure his transition back to school goes as well as possible. I've blabbed long enough....I seem to do so when I worry about Kevin. The good thing is I'm worried about his transition back to school. That's a very good worry to have considering his travels.

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Laura said...

Kevin has adjusted to so many other things the past 6 months..and like that, it will take some time, but one day he'll look back and not even remember feeling nervous. Just love him, support him unconditonally with his return to school ...and he will be fine.