Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Out tomorrow

The doctors are confident they will let Kevin out tomorrow. As I mentioned his counts are coming up, and they're seeing what they want to see overall. I've had a little stomach thing the last 24 hours. I mentioned it to Rachel when I came in this evening, and we agreed we should ask the nurse if it's safe for Kevin that I stay there. Although I don't have a temperature, I've been sleeping a lot, and have not been able to eat anything without consequence (stomach thing remember). Lucky for all of us her Aunt Lannie (spelling?) is in town to help Rachel out. The nurse quickly said that I need to leave the BMT unit, especiall with Kevin still being below 500. He understood, although I was pretty bummed. Aunt Lannie will stay with Kevin tonight. She's very kind, and has several grand children of her own. She'll do just fine with Kevin, and it will give him an opportunity to get to know her better, as she lives in Utah. So tonight, I"m in the Target House and will actually sleep in a real bed for the first time in nearly a week. In other news, our friend from St. Jude, Heather seems to be making a smooth transition back home. We're very happy for her, and has set a great example for Kevin's soon-to be home coming.

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