Monday, September 1, 2008

Good day

As expected Kevin had a much better day with the cychlophosphamide then the cisplatin. He ate fairly well, and didn't have any bouts of vomiting. He's been looking forward for some time, to watching the Ben Ten Marathon on Cartoon Network. This included a brand new episode as well. Knowing that this woul involve several hours of televesion viewing in a row, we used this as an incentive to do his mouthcare and eating today. Physically he's good, although I suspect if the pattern from past rounds continues, he'll probably have some vicious diarrhea tomorrow. He's psychologically fragile right now, so we do have some issues with the midnight and 4 a.m. vitals. He gets hysterical when he is woken up, and really works himself into a frenzie. The midnight session went so poorly that I decided to stay up for his 4 a.m. Then at 3 I noticed he started to stir. He's taking in enromous amounts of fluids right now to make him urinate every 2 hours. When the urge hits him he doesn't mind so much getting up, because he's feeling uncomfortable. As soon as I noticed this, I went outside the room and grabbed the nurse and requested she do the 4 a.m. vitals an hour early since he'll soon be up. Having been through the rough midnight episode she had no problem with this. It worked 100 times better since he was already up to urinate. I guess he figured he was up on his terms, so he was very accomadating this time around. I'm going to try and time it so we can do the same on both midnight vital checks tomorrow night. If the timing doesn't work out, I'm just going to have to wake him myself a few minutes ahead of time, so he doesn't get all worked up. I just realized tomorrow is Labor Day...go figure. Usually I'd be camping or canoeing, but obviously with the current situation there's no place I'd rather be then in the Hospital with Kevin. That said, I hope everybody has had a great Labor Day Weekend. Somebody put an extra chicken breast on the grill for me--lol. It's about 3:20 a.m. so I think I'll try and get some shut eye.

Take Care,



Kathy said...

Steven got completely emotional and out of control for parts of his treatment as well, which is something that is completely contradictory to his personality.

We finally out that two things were contributing to it-- the benadryl and the ativan.

But we needed them for nausea, so it was a tradeoff.

At least he's almost done with the really nasty drugs-- one more day...

terri and Heather Braswell said...

Hey we are so glad Kevin is done with all the chemo. Hope you had a good rest day. It has to feel great to be done. I know it is still an uphill finish to go home but the hardest part is over. Hope ya'll were able to enjoy your day some yesterday and definately today seeing it was your rest day. We keep you in our thoughts and really want to see you before we leave. Maybe first of next week. We would like to get Kevin to add his handprint to our canvas we are making of all Heather's friends . It looks great so far. Have a good night and good luck with the transplant. Hope he does not have a lot of nausea. Much love, Terri and Heather