Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Nearing Kevin's homecoming

I spoke to Rachel, and apparently Dr. Gajjar plans on sending Kevin home the week of the 6th (2 weeks). Kevin sounds much more energized. We've spoken a few times a day the last couple days, and he's just been real animated and conversational. His counts are up over 2,000, which helps. They will fall though, since he's ended GCSF and we must see how far they drop. The transplant should start taking hold soon. Apparently Dr. Gajjar wasn't ready to talk about what we should plan as far as Kevin's returning to school. There also seemed to be some disagreement about whether or not to send him home with his hickman. He's taking the micro-fungal for the lesions on his spleen. Rachel was pretty adament about pulling the line before he goes home. We've heard all his infections have stemmed from having plastic exposed to the elements and running into his body. We'll see I guess. Worst case scenario they pull the line in our follow up visit for MRI's.
On another note we've received some kind messages from people in Kevin's school and the community. To answer your question, Kevin would enjoy receiving the notes from school mates. He wants to be missed, and wants to know that he's not forgotten. Also, one last reminder about September 29th. Monday the 29th Chilli's donates 100% of peoples purchases to St. Jude's Children Hospital. I know my family and I are celebrating my birthday and Alex (my sister's husband) birthday there on the 29th (his b-day 29th mine the 28th).

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Terri Braswell said...

Wow!! What an amazing feeling to know Kevin is almost home. I am so proud of how he handled himself throughout this difficult journey. He has grown into quite the young man. I know you all are pretty anxious I bet with him coming home. It is a little bittersweet. The goal you have been striving for so long is now touchable yet you will be leaving the comfort zone that helps soothe our anxieties. I can tell our experience. It is great to be home. Once you are home Kevin will start to fall back into place and life will return to a more normal spot. It is difficult in some ways transitioning back to life outside Memphis but it is well worth it.

St Jude is literally a phone call away. They respond quickly to your questions and are as supportive as they were when in Memphis. I can not tell you how happy we are that he is coming home. He will thrive at home. We miss you and hope the next few weeks go smoothly. It goes by quickly, you will be home before you know it. Much love, Terri and Heather