Friday, September 12, 2008


Rachel, Scotty, Jake, and I made it to Memphis around 6:30 this evening. I arrived at the hospital around 7:45. Mike said one line the infection was identified but the other one they weren't able to categorize it. He's on several different medicines right now, including an anti-fungal, 2 different antibiotics, GCSF, TPN, Zofran, and Rantadine. Mike gave me some good information, but I'm anxious to talk to the doctor tomorrow. I have some questions I'd like answered, including why they moved his MRI up to today (which didn't happen because hig HGB was so low). And, his HGB read at the critical level (6.5) which is way lower then it's ever been. Finally he's on 24 hour TPN now instead of 12 hour....I'm curious why they changed it over. Apparently he was pretty sick yesterday, but hasn't been too bad today. He won't eat right now, but he's on TPN and lipids. His counts will probably be at zero for some time, so we'll probably be here until mid next week. His spirits seem good. I'll update as I learn more tomorrow.

Good Night,



terri braswell said...

Hey I am glad ya'll made it back safely. I am sure you are all anxious to speak to the doctors. I do know that when you are in the hospital they usually always run the TPN over 24 hours just because. They did that with Heather on every admission. I am sorry to hear he felt so bad yesterday but glad that he is feeling better today. You are all in our prayers. Hope you have a good night and please keep us updated. Heather says to tell Jake and Kevin and Scotty hi. Thanks. Terri and Heather

Laura said...

Hi everyone. I'm sorry you have to come back to see him sick again. We'll be praying for a speedy and safe recovery.
Love you guys,