Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last Day

Big day today. The nurses even mentioned it yesterday, that if things go well this could be Kevin's last inpatient day at St. Jude. This is only the early stages of the journy, but I can't help but be filled with optimism. It's going to be a hard road, but all we can do is fight the fight and pray everything goes well. I'll be going home soon. Kevin, hopefully will be following in a couple of weeks. Thank you all for your support during this trying time. At this point I pray Kevin's counts are strong for his return home. I can't wait to go shopping for the fish he chooses for our aquarium. Hope all is well at home.

Take Care,


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Laura said...

Eric and RAchel...
Stay positive..this is a good turn for Kevin :-) You can't control the past. Neither parent, mom or dad, would ever ask to see their child go through what you both have gone through. STay positive and focus on what good things have happened and how Kevin is one of the kids that is fighting through and still has a great chance at the rest of his life. Focus on all that is to come and the beautiful things :-) Like..Kevin is coming home soon. There's no blame, no pointing fingers that can ever take away all that he went through. The cancer is no ones fault. Look forward for Kevin. I know this has been a long road and can only imagine the good and bad days that a parent of cancer must go through..I'm just his aunt and it's changed my life forever.
Take care and I'm so glad to hear that Kevin is leaving the hospital.