Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long slumber

Kevin's just now getting up after nearly 13 hours of sleep. His vitals went very well last night, mainly because we had a great nurse who did them her self. There's a very different bed-side manner between the RN's and the NCA's. For the most part Kevin was able to get an entire night (and morning) of uninterrupted sleep. I've already met with the Doctor who said he's right on schedule to get out tomorrow late morning/early afternoon. We get to be a little lazy when he's inpatient, since all the meds go in through his line. We went over medicine's this morning, and it reminded me of the 90 minutes every morning and 90 minutes every night of hooking up his redimeds, disconnecting his redimeds, hooking and unhooking him from TPN, and of course flushes of both saline and heparin. The plan is to get him back started on TPN tonight, then as he eats more gradually ween him off of it. He gets a final Vincristine push in 6 days (which is his outpatient chemo) and that should be the end of it! He's well rested this morning, and in a good mood. His appetite is definitely not back, but after a week or so it should gradually return. We need to be very careful because we don't want him getting an infection this time around. Also, the doctor I spoke to this morning confirmed earlier reports that the marks on his spleen shouldn't be of worry as far as cancer goes. They'll continue the anti-fungal medicine and go from there, but it's their concensus that it's not something serious. I think this final round overall, has gone much more smoothly then the others. Perhaps we've just become accustomed to the daily regiment and side effects, but otherthen the middle of the night vitals Kevin's really handled everything very, very well.

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