Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A little weight loss, but hanging in there

We are one day away from being through this (hopefully) last course of chemo. Tomorrow Kevin gets his bone marrow stem cells at 3pm central time.

Today was pretty good, he is still a little frustrated about the diarrhea that he always gets from chemo. He basically has no control over it and that is very frustrating for him, but overall I think he deals with it well, probably way better than I would in the same situation.

Kevin did physical therapy today and a little bit of school. I am a little worried that he is getting really bad headaches from any physical activity more than a short walk. His headache was so bad after PT today that as much as he tried he could not work through it and we had to cut his hour of school short. After that he rested as much as he could. He is down a little under a pound. As soon as we are through the next couple of weeks of no immune system we will start working on Kevin getting some good nutritious food in him, as it is going to be important to do everything we can to try to keep him cancer free here on out. After this it is our turn, our responsibility to get Kevin back to good health and keep him that way for the rest of his life. The American Cancer Society has a website about nutrition for cancer survivors and nutrition for cancer prevention. I hope all of those around Kevin make a point to reinforce the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle, it is going to be incredible important to his survival as just by the natural of what he has already gone through is going to leave him more susceptible than the rest of us who have not had cancer.

Jake gave Pappy a hard time once again (Jake can be a real cranky baby at times). He seems to do pretty well during the day, but as evening comes he is ready to be back with his mother. We really appreciate Fred being here to help. I am glad the kids are getting time with him, since they live so far time is precious as we don't get many visits as we would if we were close.

Scotty starts his first day of kindergarten tomorrow! I am saddened that Kevin and Scotty aren't going to school together tomorrow. They should both be getting on that bus tomorrow morning together. I feel like somehow someone made a terrible mistake and we are still here, when Kevin should be back home starting school with everyone else. Of course that is not really the case, but I guess it is just how the situation feels to me. I think Scotty feels a bit of the same, he really isn't excited nor aprehensive about starting his schooling career, he is just rather ho-humm about it. Hopefully soon next month they will be getting on the school bus together, bugging eachother.


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