Sunday, September 14, 2008


Kevin was pretty low key tonight. Jake was getting squirmy and he needed to go for a walk and at first Kevin was going to go with us but when he sat up and started to get ready to go he started to feel queasy. So I went and got him a movie, Zanthera. He watched that while I walked Jake in the hallway until he feel asleep. Kevin and I talked about Halloween and how this one might be kind of different for him. The doctors have recommended that we drive him around for trick or treating as running around outside might be too much for him. He talked about different scenarios and he was upset at first, and then very maturely said, " Mom, if it just this halloween its no big deal, lets just try to make the best of it that we can." So that I will. This whole experience I think has caused Kevin to put life in a perspective that not even most adults have, including myself. Recently he has shown an ablility to handle tought social situations with class with one big expception, getting vitals done late at night.



Kathy said...

On Steven's first day back at school, he ran in their PTA Jog-a-thon. The school didn't want him to, but he felt fine and wanted to and counts were good, no line.

Out of a possible 20 laps, he ran 13. Some of the other kids ran less than that.

Kevin might surprise you.

As for depression, we figured out later that the antinausea drugs (particularly ativan and benadryl) were contributing to some of that.

We'll be praying for him to be out of the hospital soon.

terri braswell said...

Hi Rachel and Kevin, We are hoping that Kevins counts come up soon so you can get out of the hospital. It is amazing how resilient and smart children with cancer are. They are wise beyond their years. I am sure he will have a Happy Halloween, just being home will be reason to celebrate.

We sure miss seeing you and hope to see you on a return visit. We are due back Nov 10-14. Hope ya'll have a great week and you get back to TH or apt soon. Much love, Terri and Heather