Saturday, September 20, 2008


Finally I found pictures from Kevin's birthday. There are pictures from Jake's birthday too.


Laura said...

Oh my Jake one now?!! I can't even believe it...they all look like they had a blast :-)

Kelley Dietrich said...

Hi Rachel and Eric,

I talked to Rachel at Curiculum Night about my boys Nick (who was in Kevin's class last year) and Ryan (who will be in Kevin's class this year and was in Kevin's reading group with Mrs. Wurmlinger) sending Kevin a card letting him know all the kids that he will know from last year in his class this year. I have read the blog and know the struggle you are going thru about the decision to have Kevin return right away. Please let me know when you would think it's a good time to send this to him as I don't want to make this issue any harder than it already is.

Another note, and I'm sure you are getting alot of these, about school and germs and all that stuff. Two out of my three boys have had their Spleens removed due to a hereditary blood disorder therefore lowering their immunities. As much as we try and be proactive with keeping them healthy they do get everything that there is in school. Ryan was hospitalized last year with a virus that settled in his abdomen. I know it is a very hard decision and only you and your dr. will know what's right but I just wanted to give you a little insite from a mom who has kids that are suseptible to everything. Hopefully you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

Hope to see you soon around Glengary!

Kelley Dietrich

Kathy said...

I'm so glad things are chugging along like they're supposed to.

Homecoming is joyful and stressful too.

You all are in my prayers.