Friday, September 5, 2008

Quick blog

Kevin had a good day yesterday. We had to wake up very early, which neither one of us liked very much. labs went fine. His counts are good, but will fall probably mid next week. His appetite is slowly returning, but will again probably decline when his ANC is at 0. This will be over soon. We pray he doesn't have to return for infection. We're going to be vefy careful with him when his counts are down. Mike and Scotty arrived today. Rachel, Scotty, Jake and I return home on Sunday and Mike will be with Kevin the entire week. Maybe the change will bring us better luck with Kevin regarding catching an infection.

I would like to end this noting an important day:

Eat at Chili’s on Monday, Sept. 29, when Chili’s will donate 100 percent of profits from participating restaurant sales to St. Jude. Chilli's is one of the biggest corporate contributors to St. Jude. In fact the building of which Kevin received all 4 rounds of chemo is the "Chilli's Center"

Tomorrow we have a quick apt. in the medicine room so he gets his GCSF to help stimulate the return of his counts.


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Terri and Heather Braswell said...

Love the new pictures. I have realized that I will not see ya'll again. I hope to catch up with Kevin and Mike this week. We should be leaving on Wed. We are due back in Nov. I do not think our follow ups will be at the same time. I have enjoyed experiencing this journey with your family. It is definately something we will never forget. I will never for get ya'll either. I will continue to stay updated with your blog.

I have appreciated all the encouraging words you and Eric have offered us. This has been a very trying times in our lives and I am very thankful we met friends like you. I will stay in touch. I am very sorry I did not get to see ya'll before you left. Hope you had a safe flight home. We pray that Kevins counts come up quickly so ya'll can get home. I hope his vision returns to normal soon. I would bet once some of the meds wear off it will improve on its own. Take care and we truly hope to see ya'll soon. We will stay in touch and keep you in our prayers daily. Can;t believe this part of our journey is coming to an end. Seems like yesterday we were talking at the RMH. Good luck with Scotty's first day of school. Tell Jake thank you for making Heahter smile. We love you all.

Much love, Terri and Heather Braswell