Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Counts coming up

We recieved good news this morning from the Nurse Practicioner. His counts are coming up accross the board. His WBC is up significantly and more importantly his ANC is up to 200 (from 0) This more then likely means his ANC will spike up over 500 tomorrow. She wasn't sure if the doctors will let us out today or tomorrow, but at least now we know it's soon. Also, his Brain and Spine MRI came back clean. This of course is excellent news. He'll get his lumbar punture soon, but typically when the MRI's are clean the results of the lumbar puncture are clean as well. He's also eating a few potato chips this morning, which is an upgrade. When he gets out of here, we need him to gradually pick up his eating habbits. Overall a great morning!



Take My Life... said...

My name is Mimi. I just spent the past hour or so reading back from when Kevin was diagnosed. My then 3 year old son was dxed with Medullo in march 07 . Julian was part of this trial you talked about back in July , where they had lower radiation dose. Julian relapsed in october and passed away in january 08.
I felt that the lower dose did it . I just know in my heart that it is the cause, even though our Oncologist had sworn to me it wasnt .
The protocole Kevin is on is what Julian should have been on . By the time we even mentioned stem cell transplant , Julian was too weak , and the cancer had taken over too much .
I just wanted to tell you , you guys are the best , you did your work for Kevin and you got him where he needs to be...
I just cant spend my time regretting the path we had chosen , but it sures crosses my mind every so often...
Keep up the fight !
A medullo mom in Texas. JuliansWorld

Laura said...

Wow...what great news to hear!! I'm so happy that his counts are coming back up and his mri came back clean :-) I'm so happy that Kev's also feeling a bit better and eating something. Tell him I love him and you guys hang in there...this is the home stretch.


Anonymous said...

Rachel, Eric and Kevin,
Such wonderful news to hear! My kids, bible-study group, family and friends pray for you regularly. I've kept up with all of your entries and thank-you all for sharing your experience through such emotion and intimate details. It has caused me to look differently at my life. Kevin is a FIGHTER, and all of you are our HEROES! We can't wait for Kevin to feel like his old self again and for all of you to return home! Kelley Samberg & family