Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back in the Chili's Care Center

Kevin is back in the Chili's Care Center. I started packing up the bags as I put him to bed Tuesday night. His temperature was rising above 99. Then he woke up vomiting just before midnight and his temperature was 101. So now we're back on the 2nd floor in room #14 (green and orange room if you're scoring at home ... each room here has a different color scheme).

Just took a long break when I heard Kevin stirring. He vomited again. He's keeps complaining about being cold but his skin is hot. They took cultures and now he's back to sleep. He's already on antibiotics. It's past 2 am. I'm very tired myself and will try to get to sleep.


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terri braswell said...

Oh Mike and KEvin I am so sorry to hear he is back in. He looked so good when I saw you guys Tuesday evening. I hope they figure out what is causing this and he feels better soon. Tell him we are praying for him and wishing him to get better. We miss you and love you all. Hope you can get some sleep tonight. Much love, Terri and Heather