Friday, September 26, 2008

Comedy Fundraiser a HUGE Success

The Comedians for a Cause fundraiser at Joey's Comedy Club was a huge success last night. We had 168 people in attendance for Kevin and raised over $8000. A lot of that money came from many more people who gave contributions but could not attend. Seems like everyone who was there truly enjoyed the comedians, in particular the headliner Brad Upton.

Thanks once again to Julie Zube for pulling the whole thing together: coordinating with Joey's, accepting checks, setting up before hand. Thanks to all the people who brought the raffle items and helped set up and run the raffle, in particular Lynn Burrows, Carole Costa, Laura Dutcheshen, Art Saarela, Jan Skousen, Sarah Skousen (and her many friends ... sorry I didn't get the names). And thanks to John Bommarito for reading off the many raffle item winners at the end.

For those not in attendance, these fundraisers are the only way we can keep our family together while Kevin undergoes treatment at St. Jude. So far this year between airline tickets, rental cars, accommodations in Memphis, and parking at the airport, we have spent over $27,000. That doesn't include any of the money spent toward his healthcare. And that total continues to rise as Scotty and I are going to fly down to Memphis again in a few hours.


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Laura said...

Wow...that's such amazing news!!! That's a great number :-) We know the money goes to the most amazing cause...helping make sure Kevin gets cured..and he can't do that without his family around :-)