Friday, August 22, 2008

1st Day off Since MAY!!!

We finally got a weekday off from hospital appointments (or being inpatient) since May! So we made the best of the Carole, Lynn, Gavin & Kellen's last hours here and went sight seeing! Here are some of the pictures:

The ducks going down the red carpet at the Peabody Hotel in downtown.

Thank you so much to Carole and Lynn for all of their help! It was nice too get a little 'girl' time with my friends. I miss being home with my family & friends so much. I has really hit home how long Kevin, Jake & I have been away. I am glad Kellen came and gave Kevin some time with a friend from home, I am just a little sad that it got cut short and Kevin was put in a situation where he felt he had to choose. Kevin needs time with familiar kids his age too and their trip here made that really apparent. I feel bad Kevin is surrounded by adults so much and having to find his way through a very adult situation. I try to plan playdates with a few kids we have met here in Memphis, but it typically only happens about once a month and this past month was really rough. We will find out tomorrow how much longer chemo is going to be delayed. It looks like it will probably be closer to October before we go home than I would like, but I don't want Kevin starting this last round of chemo not as recovered as he should be.

Please pray for Heather a little girl here who had the same type of tumor as Kev, she is having issues with throwing up lots. She maybe able to go home next week if she is able to kick this barfing stuff. She has had a really rough go of it the whole time.


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