Thursday, August 7, 2008

.......and still counts are 0

Kevin's doing fine. I keep getting text and emails worrying about his counts not going up. As I said in prior posts, each subsequent round of chemo causes his counts to take longer to recover. Also, instead of a stem cell transplant, Kevin got the full bone marrow transplant this round. This alone takes up to 4 days longer then stem cells. He's fine. His infection is long gone, but they're still giving him Vancomycen. He even had a magician come to his room to give him a personal performance. Kevin liked it so much, that he came back the next day to show him some more tricks, and even the secret behind a few of them. He's tired of the hospital but so am I. Overall his spirits are pretty good considering he's been inpatient 12 of the last 17 days. We missed rounds this morning, as the doctors let us sleep. They'll come back probably later in the morning or early afternoon. We got the printout from the nurse though showing his counts still haven't recovered to the point they need to be. His ANC is at 100 and it still needs to be at 500. As long as we're out of here by the weekend, Kevin will be ok. His birthday is on Monday, so he's getting excited about that.

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terri braswell said...

That magician was great wasn't he Kevin. That is pretty cool that you got your own private lesson. I sure hope those counts come up by Monday for your birthday. I hear they do a pretty awesome birthday song when you are inpatient to though. Hope you have a good night and tell mom and dad we said hi. We miss seeing your smiling face around the hospital. See you soon. Much love, Terri and Heather