Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ready for 4rth and final round

We had our B-Clinic visit today. Kevin's counts look good and he's ready to move forward with his final round of chemo this Friday. Also, it appears the anti-fungal medicine is working with his lesions. One lesion is 1/2 the size while the other remains unchanged for now. It sounds like he'll be on the medication for some time, possibly incuding when he's home. All in all this was good news, as if these were not fungus related legions there would not have been change from the first CT scan to the next. It's something they will stay on top of, and unfortunately that includes yet another CT scan. We don't necessarily like the idea of repeated scans to his stomach, but it needs to be done to check progress. On another note, Kevin totally threw me under the bus with the Physician's Assistant (kind of like a Doctor without the MD). As he gave us the news Kevin started raising his hand, to say something. He had the sly smile on his face that often means trouble. He informed Richard that "Daddy said the CT Technician gave us better information then the Physician's assistant (regarding the nature of fungus caused lesions". I could have died. Kevin was laughing as he said this, but both Richard and I had an awkward pause. Then I tried to dig myself out, and it so didn't work. Rachel of course had a little grin on her face as this episode played out. I of course kissed some major behind the remaining 5 minutes of our visit, and thanked him vigorously. Truth be told B clinic has been great, but the delivery of information sometimes is a little more succint coming from a Technician then the clinic. Kevin got a kick out of watching dad's look of horror on my face. I felt like I just got caught taking a nap at work by my boss, or worse yet by Judy--lol. Anyway, Kevin's feeling quite well. Although, on the way into the B-clinic he bumped his head really hard on the heavy solid wood doors. The doors push open, and they were all the way open, and he slammed it hard (for no apparent reason other then he had energy) against the wall, which then caused the door to rebound and smack him right on the forehead. Poor little guy starting screaming and crying. The nurses were very sweet and got him an ice bag really quick. Richard checked him out thoroughly, and determined he was ok. Thankfully this was on his forehead and not in the back of his head (surgical incision) or on top of his head (shunt). Like I said though, a few minutes later Kevin felt good enough to sell dad out. Rachel commented that it sounds like something I probably would have said when I was a kid.....I think she's probably right. All in all Kevin's well. He's been eating as much as I've seen in quite some time. Of course this will all reverse starting Saturday morning when he gets his final dose of Cisplatin the high dose chemo on day -4. I hope all is well back home.

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terri braswell said...

I am so happy his spleen is looking better. It was great seeing ya'll tonight. Thank you Rachel for sitting with Heahter for me. I can't believe it is round 4 already . With any luch our follow ups will be the same time. We wil not be leaving much before you. Hope ya'll have a restful night and good day tomorrow. We hope to see you before you go in patient. Kevin keep up the good work. You look great. Much love Terri and Heather

Anonymous said...

Everyone, Our family has been following the daily update during the "lesion on the spleen" episode. We were all so relieved to hear that the lesions are responding to the anti-fungal medication. Our hearts and prayers will be with all of you during Kevin's fourth and final round of chemo. God Bless all of you! Diana Dutcheshen

Laura said...

Hi guys! I miss you all so much. I've been out of town the last week and have started back up with school so I felt out of the loop with the blog and such. I'm so happy Kevin is feeling more like himself and is getting ready to start this last round. Eric, thanks for having Kevin answer the phone yesterday, it was really great to hear his voice and talk to him. I can't wait to have you all home. I miss you tons and think of you every single day.
Aunt Laura