Sunday, August 3, 2008

Turning the corner

I just met with Dr. Hale and two other Doctors who were walking rounds with him this morning. He indicated Kevin seems to have turned the corner. The infection he has grew very quickly when cultures were first taken, but since the Vancomycen has been given, has not shown up. It's a different infection then last time, actually one he said that's more commonly seen in Luekemia patients. This is an infection that often is accompanied by mouth sores and other more typical chemo oriented symptoms. Because he was given the antibiotics so quickly his symptoms were minimized. Also, the kids who are on leukemia protocols often have more severe side effects when they get sick because their bone marrow transplants are not autologous, but rather allogenic, meaning they get donors bone marrow not their own harvested marrow. At any rate, Dr. Hale said his counts came up a little bit (100) so if he starts to see a trend on Monday then perhaps he can be released on Tuesday, but Wednesday is also a possbility. His temperature has been consistantly below 99, so he's definitely responding well to the antibiotics. As I mentioned yesterday, because he's further along in treatment, his counts are taking a bit longer to come back up. Also because he fad a full Bone marrow transplant instead of just stem cells, that takes a couple of days longer. At this point Kevin should be ok in terms of further symptoms/side effects from the infection. We just need his immune system back so they can let us out.

Take care,



Laura said...

Eric, I'm so happy your there. I hated leaving seeing Kevin so sick, but I'm glad we got him there quickly and in such good hands. I know I only have come a week at a time, but each time I come to help, I admire you & Rachel more and more. I know it's so difficult to see your baby like that. I'm so happy that you all have come together to support him and take care of wouldn't work any other way. I don't know if Kevin will ever know just how proud we are him. The strength he shows each time I've seen him sick blows me away. I don't tell you enough Eric, but I'm so proud of you. Even if we don't talk everyday, I'm looking at the blog and am thinking of you.
P.S. I never got to give Kevin a hug good bye, he was sleeping..tell him I miss him already.

terri braswell said...

Hey, I am glad Kevin is feeling better. I hope he is able to get out of the hospital soon. I know he loves having you here though. Not too much longer and he will be home. Keep up the good work. Terri and Heather

Janine said...

We were out of touch and worried about Kevin all weekend, so I'm glaed he is doing a little better. Please know that all of you are always in our thoughts and prayers.