Saturday, August 2, 2008

The baby in the room next to Kevin's

Sulley has been in the BMT (Bone Marrow Transplant floor) I think every time we have been inpatient. I believe his mom said he has been there 40+ days. He is 15 months yesterday. This time Kevin's room is right next to his. Yesterday there was LOTS of family (more than the allowed amount) in Sulley's room. There were lots of people who came out crying. Without asking, it was apparent what was going on. Last week Sulley was out in his car that his parents push around while I was walking Jake around in his wagon. Sulley had fallen asleep at the wheel. Sulley has ALL and AML (two different type of leukemia if I understand correctly). His prognosis was never good his mom said yesterday when I spoke to her, but she always had hope. Now she and her husband, Sulley's father, has to let go and give him back to God, apparently He needs another angel.

There is another family who got the bad news that their daughters cancer has spread last week and they are in the planning stages for end of life treatment.

There are times when I walk the halls of St. Jude and can feel the angels around us, some are human and come in the form a parent supporting another parent, some come in the form of nurses who throw their protective barrier to the side and become a friend even though it is not recommended, some angels are the friends & family that let us know we are not forgotten. And some you can't see you can just feel; something beyond this world trying to lift up those of us here when life seems hard. To me it is a reminder that this is not the end, that I am adult in this world, but still a child in God's world. My head can understand this yet my heart breaks for the parents and siblings losing apart of family so young, so with bodies so little, given little time on this earth.


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terri braswell said...

I am so sorry to hear about the staph infection. I hope Kevins fevers are down and he is feeling better. I am sure Jake and Scotty help him alot. Remember that they stike out at the ones closest to them. Heather does the same thing and several other parents have experienced this too. I know that is not much comfort while going through this but I did find some comfort that knowing I was not alone. Like you said with the angels, you are never alone here. There is always a nurse, fellow parent or friend available. Please remember that. Hope Kevin has a good night and you find out what type of staph this is. Thinking or you always. Terri and Heather