Tuesday, August 5, 2008

still here

counts are still 0. Everything else is fine. He's eating, he's eating ice cream, but he's eating. He's also very active, instead of just laying in bed doing nothing. He's either interested in watching a movie, a board game, the Wii or reading. All of this is good. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'm not going home this week. At this point the earliest Kevin would leave the hospital is Thursday morning, and it wouldn't make much sense for me to fly home Thursday, work Friday the fly back Saturday or Sunday for Kevin's birthday on Monday. Obviously I wouldn't miss Kevin's birthday for the world. Thank god for on line banking. Also thank you once again to Susan and Ed Clancy who are taking care of the odds and ends at my house when I'm gone. This includes feeding the fish, both aquariums (100 gallon and 20 gallon in Kevin's room). Also, the lap-top Ron & Sue Daiza got me for my 10 year work anniversary not only allows me to keep up with work, but it also provides me with something to do when Kevin's sleeping. I had a chance to see one of our friends from St. Jude, Heather walking around today at the Target House. She's had some rough times including a trip to ICU, so it warmed my heart to see her walking around with a smile on her face. I hope everybody back home is well.

Take Care,



Janine said...

Relieved to hear he is doing Ok. We'll keep praying away this stinking infection. That's all we can do from here, but we wish we could do more!

Laura said...

We're thinking about you guys everyday and praying that he continues his fight with this :-) Let me know if there's anything you need Eric..remember I'm home for two more weeks for summer break, so anything at all..let me know.

terri braswell said...

Hi Eric. It was nice getting to talk with you in the cafe. Glad to hear Kevin is feeling so much better. I am sure his counts will be coming up soon. Thank you for all your encouraging words about Heather. It still never ceases to amaze me how strong the kids are. I learn something new everyday from them. They are wise beyond their years. Hope ya'll have a restful night. As always you are in our thoughts and prayers. Much love. Terri and Heather