Saturday, August 9, 2008

Target House Backpack give-away

As I wrote yesterday Kevin was released from being an inpatient. He was let out just in time to participate in the Target Back to School Party. Target had almost all of the common area rooms filled with school materials, the first room by the main lobby being completely filled with brand new backpacks. Scotty and Mike were with us as well. Both boys chose Incredible Hulk backpacks. No surprise there. Kevin has loved the Hulk since he was 3 or 4 years old. After they picked their backpacks up we journied to the various rooms in target house I and II that had materials such as pencils, markers, paper, notebooks, folders, erasers, blue, pencil cases, colored pencils, notecards, multiplication and division flash-cards, book covers, and more. It was an incredible experience for all of the children. Not only is it incredibly generous, but it gets the patients back in the normal every day frame of mind. You could see the wheels turning when Kevin made his decisions as to which backpack was cool, or which folders weren't babyish. He's very excited to be nearing the end so he can go back to school. Lucky for us, Kevin's school doesn't start until September 3rd; I know I talked to some parents who's school already started where they live. Kevin should only miss 2 to 4 weeks of school, and we'll make sure to get his teacher hooked up with the teacher here at the Hospital. Kevin's been keeping sharp with 1/2 hour of schooling 5 days a week. His writting looks pretty good. We'll worry about where he's at when the time comes. For now we just want him to be happy and back with his friends. The packages have been coming in for Kevin's birthday. Kevin will be so pleased in delivering the stuff to the Treasure box at St. Jude. I can't stress how important it is the first few weeks, for the children to have something to look forward to at the end of a scary procedure. It was especially rewarding after MRI's, sedation, and radiation. Whoever sent a package, you'll know the smile on the childrens faces when digging through the treasure chest is priceless.

Well we're off to the hospital so he can get some GCSF to keep his counts up. He'll also get more blood drawn. He'll probably need another Blood transfusion either today or tomorrow, as his HGB was pretty low yesterday. He's feeling well though, and even ate a bowl of cereal this morning for breakfast. In fact he woke up befoe I did, turned on the t.v. and purposely let me sleep another hour.

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