Friday, August 1, 2008

"When we are done with cancer"

Scotty wants to take karate with his brother Kevin "when we are done with cancer". Or so he announced today in Kevin's hospital room. Just like this is a temporary set back. We will get back to normal soon. I love his nonchalant matter of factness. Scotty has all sorts of crazy stories these days. He is really an interesting person.

It looks like Kevin has a meaner type of staph infection this time. We aren't sure exactly what it is but maybe tomorrow we will know.

Mike is staying the night tonight with him. Kevin's spirits lifted tonight when Mike and Scotty came in. Kevin has been short tempered with me this week. Then I realized tonight he hasn't gotten to spend much time with Scotty this week because we stayed in separate places. I will try next week to make sure they spend more time together. It makes a big difference with Kevin and getting better.

I am tired. It was a long stressful week. Kevin has had 2 blood transfusions this week and one infusion of platelets he had an allergic reaction to. Luckily he just broke out in hives and once I realized why he was itching some benadryel took care of it pretty fast.

I was happy to see Mike today. Laura and the Zubes were a big help this week. I really appreciate all of the help we have gotten. I can't do this alone with all 3 kids. They blessed me with a moment of getting to go to Target by myself. I don't think I have be anywhere alone since getting my hair cut weeks ago.


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Diane Hanewich (Erik's mom) said...

Hi Rachel-
Hope Kevin is feeling better soon and this infection clears up quickly. Erik was asking about Scotty the other day. Tell him Erik said hi. Just wanted you to know you were all in our thoughts and prayers...