Thursday, August 14, 2008

Donating the gifts

We had a long day yesterday. Starting at the hospital at 9 am by 3 pm Kevin was pretty tired. We loaded up one and half wagons with the presents for the St. Jude treasure boxes. Kevin got a little frustrated with the wagon he was pulling and his lack of energy showed when there were some tears, but we stopped and rested and in typical Kevin fashion he was able to muster more strength to carry on. They have never had a child donate their birthday presents before so the social worker wasn't sure how to handle the situation at first, but she lead him from each clinic pulling out each treasure box and letting him fill it up. Toward the end Kevin asked Scotty to help him load up the treasure boxes, fill the Friday toy wagon in radiation (Kevin's favorite when he was in radiation months ago). In the MRI clinic Kevin and Scotty filled the cabinet up and their was a 9 year old little boy who was actually in the MRI during our fill up who was going to get to choose from the cabinet they just stocked. The cabinet was pretty picked over when we first arrived and lots of good things went up on those shelves. In assestment triage, where all of the kids get their blood work, labs and weight checked, some of the nurses came out to clap for Kevin as he and Scotty filled the treasure box. It was aparent that this treasure box gets used often as it was almost empty. It was full when Kevin and Scotty where done.

I am really proud of both Kevin and Scotty kindness. Scotty gave away one of his new prized game pieces to a little boy at the hospital who was having a really rough time in B clinic waiting area and he is giving his gameboy to the same little boy next week after Mike brings it today from Michigan. I am really proud of Kevin and how kindly gave away toys he would have gladly played with being able to find joy in making others happy.

Here are some more pictures:

Our first stop B clinic

Filling the treasure box in A clinic

3 bags emptied, only 3 full big ones to go!

Assessment Triage treasure box almost full!

The halls of radiation clinic with our favorite child life specialist, Amy!

Getting ready to fill the Friday Toy wagon!


Laura said...

There are no words to express how proud I am of Kevin. He has always been so special and different from everyone, but these last few months really shone his true colors. Teaching kids his exact age, I know most would not have the same mental strenth, understanding and will to get better. I know that everyday Kevin teaches me something new about life. I can't wait for him to come home and see an 8 year old be an 8 year old again. Please tell him I love him and am so proud of him everyday just for being him.
Aunt Laura

Tae Scott-Smith said...

WOW! I am so blown away by Kevin's generosity--on his own birthday! We knew he was a super cool guy, but on his birthday when he's feeling a great deal worse than he's ever felt on any other smile won't fade.

We are so excited that the final round of chemo is right around the corner! What a long, difficult journey it has been. I'm sure you all look forward to some serious down time at home as soon as the docs are able to release you. Speaking totally selfishly, I hope you all don't leave before the 8th of Sept. because we will be back in town for our first check-up. I would love to be able to see you guys before you head home. We think of you all so much and are so proud to know you.

Put those dukes up--one more round!

With love,
Will, Tae, Ethan and Sean Scott-Smith ;)

Janine said...

What an amazing thing for Kevin to do. What a great little person he is, and obviously we can all learn so much from him. Thanks for this blog, it is a source of inspiration as often as not, and it helps those of us who are far away and don't know the boys that well to learn a little and feel a part of it all. As always, our prayers are with you...