Friday, August 22, 2008

quick update

Kevin starts chemo on Friday now. They're giving him another CT scan to check his spean on Monday. The ultrasound was fine. Basically, they aren't 100% sure what the cause of the lesions are, but they've pretty much ruled out anything serious. However, one strong possibility could be a fungus infection that caused the lesions. They've given him a fungus medication that he's been taking, and the second CT scan should give them a better idea of what's going on. If the lesions got smaller then a fungus was probably the cause. To be honest I kind of understand, but don't not concretely. I certainly asked if they thought it was anything to do with a malignancy, and he said no. If they had a concern they would go in and do a biopsy, which would be the only definitive way to show. A lesion can be a million things, but of course a headache can be a million things too, and my son was the one who ended up with a brain tumor. He feels good, and his appetite is very solid. Today he had a couple chicken nuggets, a bowl of cereal, some ice cream, some microwave buttered popcorn, and a Star Crunch. It seems he eats pretty well when we make it "movie night". Tonights feature in room 313 was Doolittle 3, which was ok...He seemed to like it a lot. He just fell asleep watching the Olympics with me. We have no appointments this weekend, because his counts are so good. Everything is up and he's feeling well. They would start chemo sooner, but it was just a scheduling thing with the BMT unit. Mike came in today, and tomorrow I'll drop Kevin off at the apt. as I do my fantasy football draft. Hope all is well back home. Kevin's feeling very well. Monday's CT scan should give us a better idea about the splean lesions, but overall it doesn't seem to be a large concern.

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terri braswell said...

Just want you to know we are thinking about you .Praying that the lesions on the spleen are improved. Hope you enjoy your weekend and glad to hear Kevin is feeling so well. Hope to see you soon. Terri and Heather