Thursday, August 14, 2008

The light at the end of the tunnel

It's here, the final chemo treatment! He's scheduled to go inpatient Wednesday the 20th (8p.m.), and begin his final round the morning of the 21st. I'll take a flight out there Wednesday afternoon. I spoke with Kevin and Rachel today by phone. Kevin sounded as good as I've heard him in a very long time. He had energy, focus, and was clear headed. It seems like once his HGB finally came up from the most recent transfussion on Monday, that Kevin seemed to rebound shortly there-after. Rachel said she got some great pictures and video of Kevin delivering the toys to the different departments as St. jude. I'm sure she'll put them up on the site when she has some time. Kevin said he delivered toys to Radiation, B Clinic, MRI room, and Assessment Triage. Rachel said the nursed were even clapping for him. So once again, thank you to everybody who made this possible. I know when I shopped for the toys to donate, I found myself buying more and more as I imagined the kids looking through the treasure chest. Kevin was very proud of this moment. Kevin knows that he has many years of MRI's and follow up testing (speech, audiology, ekg, echo-cardio, IQ, psychological, to name a few), so he'll have his share of treasure chest visits over the years. We just hope that the testing will be the only reason for his future visits to St. Jude. I'm in Michigan, but I figured I'd give everybody a quick update based off of my conversation with Rachel and Kevin. Once again, the last couple of days he has sounded fantastic!

Best Regards,



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad for everyone that this is almost done! Kevin and all of you have been so brave. Kevin's heart is so big. Not many kids would want to give up toys to give to others. You've done really well raising him.

Cindy Scholten

terri braswell said...

Kevin looked great today and yesterday when we saw him. You must be so proud of him for donating all those toys. He is a special boy. Congratulations on entering the final treatment. We are so happy for you. We hope he tolerates it well. I am sure we will see you around. Have a good weekend. We are thinking of you guys all the time. Much love, Terri and Heather

Anonymous said...

It's so great to hear that Kevin is doing so well. God bless you all.
Cousin Henry