Monday, August 18, 2008

Out for a bit

Kevin left the hospital this afternoon after 2 nights there. He had some inflamation in his stomach, and to be honest we're not sure exactly what happend. He had uncontrollable pain in his stomach for one night accompanied by a fever. He's been given antibiotics and both have been long gone since the night he was admitted. They may or may not delay his chemo a couple of days. It's a decision they'll make in the B clinic. Thank God this is the last round of chemo. His body is breaking down more. He's become fragile in every sense. All in all he seemed to rebound pretty well from the first two rounds, but this 3rd round has really taken it's toll. I guess so long as the chemo is keeping the cancer away it's a necessary evil, just so they put him back together again (so to speak). He's doing ok now, but I know his insides are taking on some damage. He's an amazing child, and Rachel and I are proud of him. I can't wait to get back down to Memphis to be with him. This time around it will probably be 8 to 10 days. Kevin will fight through this last round, and pull the rest of us along with him.


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