Saturday, August 16, 2008

feeling better

I just spoke with Rachel, and it seems he's a lot better then yesterday. It appears the serious problems have been ruled out one by one. It appears to be some sort of fungus or virus that's causing some inflamation in his stomach. He's playing games today, and doesn't appear to be struggling with pain, and no longer has a fever. Mike's down there right now, so unless he remains hospitalized Sunday night I'll hold off until his chemo starts to go down there. As long as he remains fever free, and his pain continues to subside he should get out tomorrow, although that's not official. So I'm able to take exhale finally after a turbulant several hours of test and waiting. I'm not sure yet if this will delay his chemo or not, but if it does it shouldn't be by much. He's playing monopoly with Mike right now, which is always a good sign. He doesn't have any interest in playing games when he's not feeling well. We will know more tomorrow morning, but thus far signs are showing this setback isn't serious. I'm off to an 8 mile run to "relax" after worrying all day.

Take Care,



Tae Scott-Smith said...

Just a few minutes ago before bedtime, Ethan and I prayed for Kevin. We're hoping that the stomach pains will not return and will be found to be something simple to vanquish. Kevin is such a fighter! He and Ethan and the others have shown me what true strength is and the parents have reminded me of the infinite and immeasurable love that surrounds them. You all are an amazing family. Hang in there!

Good vibes and constant prayers to you,

Your friends,
Will, Tae, Ethan and Sean Scott-Smith :)

terri braswell said...

Hey I just got the update by email. I am so sorry Kevin has had such a rough weekend. He looked so good this week. We saw them several times and he was happy as always. I am glad that his pain has eased up. I pray that it continues to ease and he can get his chemo when his body is ready. It is amazing what these kids go through. We all have learned so much from each and everyone of them. They are truly an inspiration. Please let Rachel know if she needs anything at all to call me. I am here if she needs anything. Hope you have a good night and Kevin continues to feel better. He is in our prayers daily. Stay strong. Much love, Terri and Heather

Allen family said...

We pray for Kevin everyday! We are glad things seem a little better at the moment and we will continue to pray that all goes well with treatment and recovery! We send our love to you, and want you to know you are in our every prayer!
Love, Laurel, Brandon and kids